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"Wow! This menu is wonderful! It is very well organized, gives lots of choices to pick from, and most importantly, it teaches me how to feed my family more nutritiously! I like the Golden Rules of Nutrition part because it gives me guidance in the pure choices I can make in a day, and it's easy to remember when organized this way. I also think it's really important that you identified all the toxins we put in our bodies. We can't change to become healthier if we don't understand the "insufficient" choices we're making. And, of course, your funny, caring, energetic, and intelligent voice shines all the way through, concluding with "Dr. Mom's Kitchen Agreements"! Very clever!"  Staci T.

"It is great to see a menu that focuses on what we need and the positive effects it can have on our daily energy and lifetime health. Dr. Mom Online has laid out what we need to fuel our bodies, and how we can teach our kids to make better choices when it counts. I believe that most of us do not know what health really means, or how to go about achieving it. Dr. Mom Online presents a wonderful menu for each part of the day, as well as snack times, allowing us to be the voice of health, rather than the TV, the internet, and the many other forms of media that are influencing us and our kids on a daily basis. This menu could have such an impact, not only on our kids, but on the generations that follow, and the behaviors and legacy we (and our kids) will leave. As a teacher, I’m excited to see a menu that schools could adopt, which would have a powerful impact on the ever-increasing problem of obesity in childhood and adolescent populations. Thanks, Dr. Mom! I look forward to seeing your work show up in schools and homes across the country!” Charles T.

“Not only does Dr. Mom Online ROCK and know her nutrition, she also knows how to make every child and adult want to eat healthy with her Healthy School Days Menu. Her explanations and reasons are written in an awesome, cheerful, and easy to understand manner. Dr. Mom Online’s Healthy School Days Menu is fantastic!” Harold and Pam O.

“Health is a priority and I value sensible and healthy options, especially coming from one of the most genuine, intelligent, educated, and well-rounded individuals I know and trust. Although this menu was originally intended for childhood nutrition, I’ve found these principles are universal and apply easily into my lifestyle, too! (And I’m much older than a child!) Dr. Mom Online gets down to the basics of healthy eating for any age!” Melisa M.

Healthy School Days Menu

Fun, colorful, and engaging 8-page menu and nutrition guide that takes the guesswork out of your child’s nutrition and diet choices!


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